Q. What types of media are used for duplication & conversions?

We use only Professional Grade DVD's/CD's and video tapes.

Q. How should I ship my master to you?

Masters should be placed in a padded shipper or wrapped in bubble wrap in a corrugated box along with instructions as to what you want done. Don't forget to include any special wording, images or music you would like to have on your completed product.

Q. How do you send the copies back to me?

We ship your finished project to you by UPS. Once your order is processed and shipped, we e-mail you a UPS tracking number. This will enable you to know exactly where your order is at all times.

Q. Can you transfer films to Mini DV?

Yes. Just add the cost of a blank Sony Mini DV tape.

Q. Can you also transfer my video tapes to DVD's?

Yes, we can transfer your video tapes to professional grade DVD discs. Click Here for complete information on DVD transfers.

Q. What format can my original master tape be?

We can make an unlimited number of copies from Any Tape.
VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8MM, HI8, Digital 8, Mini DV

Q. Can you make copies from a tape that was recorded at the slow speed?

Yes, however the faster the speed, the better the quality.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, money orders and cash.

Q. Can film be repaired and what about editing?

Cleaning and minor repair of film is included in our service, but major editing is not. Long stretches of blank film are electronically edited out but everything else is run as is. Major video editing may be accomplished at a later time. Please email or call us for details.

Q. Do you transfer directly to DVD?

To transfer a movie to DVD, we first record your transfer on a computer Hard Drive. This transfer is in the highest quality DV format. We then create a custom title page for your DVD project. The whole project is then multiplexed and burned on DVD-R media.

Q. How do I know whether I have Regular 8 or Super 8mm film?

The sprocket hole sizes on each film type are different. As well, the center hole in the middle of the reel that fits on the projector arm is of a different size. Regular 8 has a 1/4 inch hole and super8 has a 1/2 inch center hole. For video transfer, you will not need to know this information. You will need to number the reels in the order that you want them transferred to video. Regular 8 is older than Super 8.

Q. How is the quality of the video transfers?

Prime Cut Video uses only professional cameras (not consumer-grade camcorders) to record your films. Professional video recorders are used to record the video signal for the highest quality signal available on the available formats. In 2002 we converted our entire video room to digital. The only analog signals are to the analog record decks. All of your precious film is run on top of the line movie projectors, for a sharp, bright and colorful transfer.